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Hockey Team Fundraising Tips & Ideas

Fundraising Ideas for Volunteers & Co-ordinators

We are the fundraising leaders at Hockey Spirit Fundraising Ltd. & over the years we have learned some best practices and noticed how to avoid common pitfalls when fundraising with a group or as an individual.

Test drive a few of our fundraising tips, see what's worked for our fundraising groups.

Are you a first-time fundraising Coordinator?
Be sure to diversify your efforts with different fundraising events to reach your fundraising goals.
Setting up a booth? Be sure to have plenty of helping hands to assist you. Here are our tips for a successful fundraising booth at a community event.
Working with a large fundraising group? Read advice from parents and fundraising volunteers to help stay better organized.

Fundraising Superstars
Fundraising ideas that will turn your kids into fundraising superstars.
Watch your kids confidence soar by implementing these tips into their fundraising speil.

Draw a Crowd to Your Fundraising Booth
Turn your booth into an event of fun and enthusiasm.
Face painting, simple give-aways such as balloons, and a few decorative touches will make a difference.

Fundraising Strategies c/o Brian and Elizabeth Urlacher

Our suggestions are a combination of our personal experiences and the experiences our fundraising parents & clubs have shared with us over the years.

We have been proudly helping non-profits to raise funds since 2005. To date our Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar Program has helped over 750 clubs to raise over $950,000.00

We welcome you to contact us to learn more about our Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar Program. Call us toll free at 1.888.333.0090, to talk over your fundraising goals.

Things You Should Do

Things You Should Avoid

Team fundraising ideas and advice when working with a group of families.

Are you planning a to fundraise at a sinlge event? Like a tournament or a carnival?

Read our event ideas for group harmony.

Hockey Spirit Fundraising Experts

Brian & Elizabeth Urlacher

We personally assist each club who fundraises with us by providing them with fundraising tools and one-on-one support.

Proudly helping clubs across North America for over 7 years, trust us to help your community achieve it's fundraising goals.

Help for Your

Fundraising Table

Fundraising ideas and tips for your fundraising booth.

Don't try to do it all on your own, enlist some help from your friends, club or community.

Organize a few volunteers to help you create a profitable buzz.

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