OMG Look at This Newfoundland Hockey Kid Go!

The making of the Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar

The Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar 2011-2012

Hockey Spirit Discovers The Hospitality of Newfoundlanders while designing the new hockey fundraising calendar. Part I of II

We teamed up with hockey enthusiastic kids from Corner Brook Newfoundland to create this vivid image of hockey joy for our 2011- 2012 Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar.

It is a beautiful example of energy that hockey brings to hockey kids and families across this nation.  Can you feel it?

How this hockey scene came about:

Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar Cover 11/12 Fundraising ideas for hockey kids

2011-2012 International Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar

While creating this particular hockey scene we had a somewhat staged ideas in mind.  Everything we do starts in part with a photograph or sometimes 7 photographs.  So we got to work and asked the kids to play along and to do some deking and dodging with the overall intention that little 4 year old Luke was going to score!

The kids were excellent sports and they kept the defense light so that Luke could get his goal. From the moment we said action (or was that Okay! Go! Play!) Little Luke was chipping, digging, and taking on the bigger kids.  I couldn’t believe the moves he was dishing up.  He had spunk and he had game, and then BANGO he scored that goal.  All be it, it was a slightly high goal, the acting was over, little Luke threw his hands up in the air and started running circles of celebration.  He was so over the top happy!  Even with his helmet falling over his eyes the cheering wasn’t over!   No Sir. No Mam. Look at the other children’s eyes and expressions.  They were genuinely happy for him and could feel the pure joy he was having in scoring that goal!

If you would like to see the real life version of Luke’s big hockey goal check out the video snippet we took while it was unfolding before our eyes.  You are welcome to watch the video on our Hockey Spirit YouTube Channel.

To have a closer look at the Hockey Spirit Fundraising calendar and to explore this cheerful fundraising idea for your non-profit, hockey team or hockey association visit us at Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendars home website.

If you have a hockey fundraising question or idea you would like to share with us.  Please drop us a note in the comment box below.

About Elizabeth Urlacher

Designer of the Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendar. Guiding hockey teams and hockey associations with the Hockey Spirit fundraising opportunity since 2005.
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12 Responses to OMG Look at This Newfoundland Hockey Kid Go!

  1. Emily Green says:

    This was awesome! What a cute hockey fundraising calendar Elizabeth & Brian. Great cover scene.

    • admin says:

      It certainly was a fun day! This little guys “cheer” scene – playing hockey with his friends on the cover of the calendar is really going to be a great boost to help all of our hockey fundraising kids this year!
      Good hockey days in Newfoundland – and there are more to come. Love it! Thank you my Corner Brook hockey superstars!

  2. Brian Urlacher says:

    I think it is so important for our fundraising people out there to see where the Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendars come from. They are about real hockey people and real hockey places. I hope this helps to deliver a feel for how much fun we have coming up with ideas for our hockey fundraising calendars. We will continue to capture the true spirit of hockey across this great country of ours and into all countries where the game of hockey is played.

    Brian Urlacher

    • admin says:

      Brian, you are so right! Sharing these behind the scenes stories and videos is just a barrel and bucket of fun. Kudos to you for suggesting we video while we work. I think that it brings a breath of hockey realism to the Hockey Spirit artwork for our calendar enjoyers. I hope the kid’s from Corner Brook Minor Hockey love it too! Thank you again to the Wheelers for having us as their guests, and to CBC Radio for sharing our hockey journey and story.

  3. I remember this shot so well. He was a trooper and still is.

    Remember when we were trying to find some kids for the calendar? We had to round up whoever we could find. :)

    These guys were great and truly loved the game. Now that they see themselves on the front cover of the calendar, they’re walking around with smiles on their faces!

    Sure miss you guys and truly enjoyed making your hockey fundraising calendar from Newfoundland become a reality!

    • admin says:

      True story~!!!! When Luke fired his arms up and started cruising… was a moment not to be forgotten. I can’t wait to hear his take on the scene in 10 years when he is 16 years old. I sure hope he remembers well this day of fun we had in traveling and creating the fundraising calendars. This jazzy little guy ( and he was full of pepper) … made some international hockey history! We might even be still seeing him in a 2020 – 2021 calendar. Perhaps I should hold back a 10 year anniversary shot or something like this… as a thank you to him on his 16th b-day.

  4. Simone says:

    Wow, these hockey fundraising calendars are absolutely glorious.
    I look forward to getting them every year, thank you so much. These make such great Christmas gifts and it’s a great fundraising idea for the kids in my son’s hockey league.
    Thank you Hockey Spirit, we love your beautiful hockey fundraising calendars!

    Simone Michaels
    Edmonton, Alberta

    • admin says:


      What a kind and compliment filled message :-) I’m thrilled to hear that you and your family have been sharing the calendars as Christmas gifts – and coupling this with a ‘tick off the list’ of fundraising accomplishments. I’m looking forward to helping you and your son’s hockey team fund raise again this coming hockey fundraising season. September – we’ll be moving and fundraising together again. Let me know if you would like any particular changes to the tools and fundraising help items we have. I’m very happy to do this for you – let’s keep making it a better and best hockey fundraising campaign each year for your kids.

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  6. Patrick Shippelt says:

    Wow, what a very well done fundraising calendar, the Newfoundland scenery is especially exceptional – I am very proud to display this super hockey art in my home. I cant wait to see next years Hockey Spirit calender! Will there be some more Newfoundland Hockey art?

    • admin says:

      Yes, there will be! We were fortunate enough to have great weather while we were in Newfoundland shooting for the hockey fundraising calendar, so we had lot’s of great days to get alot of super shots and scenes. You’ll definitely be seeing more hockey passion from the east coast in up-coming editions of the Hockey Spirit Fundraising Calendars. I’m already working on some for the 2012 – 2013 hockey fundraising calendar.

  7. Rachel says:

    Can I just say Wow! This is going to be a fun fundraiser. The calendars remind me of my family’s childhood hockey days. We are so looking forward to getting our fundraiser started. We plan to purchase new jerseys and to pay for an out of town tournament Thank you Brian & Elizabeth for all of your help.